Joel Sternfeld What an amazing artist . His images are astounding as he asks you to search deeper into what he is portraying and look out into the world around you at the bigger picture involving our current cultural problems . I hope to get at least one image as good as his . If i do ill be happy .

STERNFELD_1978_McLean_Virginia_December_1978What are your connotations and denotations for the above image ?

The first things that sprung to mind for me were waste and fire .

The man is shopping but oblivious to the burning house ( Our planet ) which is on fire in the background . we also have lots of waste strewn about in the foreground . If we compare this to our present world climate we can see that the burning house represents our planet being destroyed while the man ( the shopper ) casually go’s about his daily routine and stuffs his face with no regard for what is happening around him . I see the pumpkin waste as a reminder of how much destruction we cause through wastage in all walks of life . This adds to our current global warming and climate change which is a big cause of our planets deterioration and annihilation . The crane could be a symbol of the global governments and * elites * struggling to fix these problems , whilst we the public greedily just stand about and continue doing what we do best , which is not helping our current situation .

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