Lancashire life shoots

Short writeup on my lancashire life duties of the past few weeks involving shoots 

Lancashire Life

18 portrait images for Mosaic Shoot on cuiltural diversity .

The first few days of the first week I spent Thinking on where I was going to enquire and shoot the portraits . Trying to come up with good ideas  I went scouting around Lancashire ( blackpool and preston ) cold calling in churches , mosques  , markets , towns working sites etc When I got a feel for what I was doing I started politely asking if people could help me and then I would follow this up quickly with a short explanation of what I was doing and show the person/people my college badge .

First Shoot  02/12/2014

So the first place I went was the mosque on central drive where I approached the imam stating my business and explaining who I was and what I wanted . He walked off saying he would be back shortly to let me know if I could come inside and get the shots I wanted . I waited an hour in the area where they take off their shoes to pray at the entrance doors and then he came back saying “ yes I could take some images and portraits inside as long as I don’t get the faces whilst they are praying “ . So firstly I took an image of the imam in the foyer area where they place their footware . Then I went inside and got a shot of the wudhu where they wash their hands and feet before they enter the massalla to pray .  I followed the imam through to the massalla and started taking shots from behind the praying people .

Shortly after that he invited his son down and I proceeded to take shots of him holding the cane and stood at the altar inthe prayer room .

Jazakallahpsresize prayingmusalla1 Jazakallahmosque7 praying in masalla praying massalla 1 prayingmusalla1 Wudhu

Second Shoot 03/12/2014

I then went to a born again catholic church in cleveleys  who I had spoke to on the phone and arranged to take some portraits previously . When I arrived there and continued to set up and organise the subjects I started speaking about my previous encounter at the mosque , they suddenly seemed to become very wary of me and within less than 5 more minutes they commented to me that “ They are not wanted by the FBI like the muslims and didn’t want their photos taking anymore ? I tried to convince them for a couple more minutes but to no avail because they had firmly made their minds up . So this venture ended up being a waste of time money and petrol .

Third shoot 04/12/2014

Me and paul went to the salvation army in town and spoke to the manager asking if we could take some pictures of people entering or leaving the premises or of any people who work there . He said yes and we went outside to get some shots . We got a few homeless people and a romany gypsy . A women approached us saying she was starting a charity stall for the homeless inside and if we would take some photos for her , she said she though we worked for the gazette lol .


Fourth shoot 07/12/2014

I went back to some old building sites and asked a few workers if they wouldn’t mind helping me and letting me get a few portraits . They agreed and I continued to shoot them explaining the situation . One of the workers said he already had his mugshot down in the nick haha .

Construction workershaunportrait1

Fifth Shoot 08/12/2014

I cold called at the bus station reception asking if I could approach their workers outside . They agreed and I got a few shots of tram and busmen .


Sixth shoot 11/12/2014

I decided to get some shots of barmen and shopworkers . I approached them personal and arranged a shoot for the following day as they were busy at the time . I went back shot the portraits

Corner Shop

Seventh shoot 13/12/2014

It was a Saturday dinner and I drove to Preston to have a look round town and scout the Christmas markets . I met an Asian couple who were very nice and let me shoot them on the stall and in their shop . I got there emails and sent them a copy of the image and they posted me a Christmas card with 5 pound in . I also got some buskers outside the shopping centre selling fluffy mice .

DSC_0812 Fashion ShopKeeper

Eighth shoot 16/12/2014

I went on the look out for teenagers and and younger people as I felt this was missing from my collection different diversitys . I met a young lesbian couple who were only 17 . I didn’t know this until after I had took the first image and they decided to tell me .

DSC_0688 chav DSC_0876 bryn


I have really enjoyed getting out and meeting new people on this assignment . Everyone I have met has been very welcoming and helpful apart from the born again Christians who just had a misunderstanding .

I have gained confidence approaching the public and confidence in my portrait skills when directing subjects and technically composing the shot .

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