What is a photograph ?

What is photography ?

Apart from the obvious of collecting and processing images pictures , colour light etc

To me photography is a way of expressing myself , it is an art form . a way to achieve and express ideas i believe in to other people for a decisive change .

It is a memory tool , an instant in time forever gone but eternally reproduced  .

A manipulation and communication device .Images can lie and change history ( Human engineering of digitally altered images ) . Different images can affect the way people remember historic events ( historic control ) . It is a very powerful tool which can effectively make people think and do whatever you choose . Especially with the advent of digital imaging such as Photoshop the line between what is real or what is not can be even more blurred .

It can achieve quickly a mass conscious objective that would otherwise take years . It is a means of storing and archiving our history . Solidifying memory’s that would otherwise fade away and be altered .

With a camera we can quickly catch a moment , that could otherwise be forgotten or missed , which may benefit our culture.

With photography we evolve quicker .

It is for learning and education . We discover new ideas and concepts through archiving and photography , which may have taken a lot longer or even never been discovered , through careful obsevation and understanding of images .

A more accurate and believable form of expressing reality . Compared to previous forms eg painting drawing etc . There is something  about a photograph that we believe and see as real . Our human psyche accepts it as absolute because it is a reflection of our reality , so therefore we act upon it and modify our behaviour towards it accordingly .

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