Feminism .


An image of mine representing gender and feminism  .

Pornography and sexual suggestion , sexualizes and gives rise to womens inequality . As do the ideas around the very toys our children play with, as they grow up , in a culture that doesn’t realise the consequences of boundaries it is firmly cementing in place . It is ok for a man to do it but not a women !

Cultural stereotypes meant women had to be seen as more submissive and to appease a mans every whim . While men were more macho and dominant making all the the rules from this male orientated mindset that perceived women in a subordinate way .

The meaning of this image will change and make you feel differently depending on who you are or which side of the fence you sit on , what gender, where you view it and in what context .

 I can’t hear you !

 Do as I say !

Persecutuion and oppression is yellow and cowardly . A society without it has matured .

 Feminism seeks to rectify .

 Nowadays In the democratic society we find ourselves in , far more voices are being heard because of this .

Society is set up as paternalistic in a males ideal way . especially more-so since everyone was only too happy to accept that Adam was doing pefectly fine until eve came along and ruined it all by biting the apple from the tree of knowledge etc . Eve was made from Adams rib she was just an afterthought . Our empty headed and early societal concepts gave birth to the problems we are trying to solve today .

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