What is a photograph ?

Apart from the obvious WHAT IS A PHOTOGRAPH ?

To me a photograph is a flat 2d windowed image made with light . It is a time travel tool , the pen of the future . It is a means of education so we can learn from our mistakes . It is a way to educate our children of times gone by , our historical legacy .

I see that photograph is a moment made eternal . An eternal experience of a previous existentiary moment for our future and immediate learning and future generations progression .

In Roland Barthes camera lucida there is a wetplate image of Lewis Payne on his way to death . He is a condemned man just staring into the void . His stare is a death trance . He has accepted his fate and is on his way to the grim reaper . Our viewing of this dead mans trance like death stare could not be possible if not for the camera . Its times like these when i truly realise how much and why i love this amazing tool .

I have been thinking of this all week and it has fascinated me again and Last night i had a dream about taking pictures of the future ??? This seems quite ludicrous and impossible . Yes physically it may be so , but im sure there is some way using quantum mechanics that this may be possible ……..anyway , that is another story that needs a lot more research . But for now i am thinking about conceptually showing this via the photograph in my next project and mixing it with a view on societys  reactions to ideas they hate and showing a physcological behaviourial instinct quite common in homosapiens which is the cause of this worlds terrible daily atrocities . I will use the ideas of feminism and rascism to express my idea which i will use in module 404 .

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