Feminism Question Assignment notes

Independent Thinking .


Selecting your question . Which of the questions allow you to discuss work that most interests you . Feminism * Have a look at the writers mentioned  and use them in answering the question . Do you know which artworks you would like to discuss e.g Linda Nochlin , Griselda Pollock etc  and others Cindy Sherman , Eva Hesse , Martha Rossler , Joe Spence ,  Laura Mulvey , Leucian Freud , Frida Kahlo , Tracy Emin,  Pussy Riot , Hannah Wilke . Mariela Clay ?

Find couple of essays that are really helpful and thoughtful around your essay assignment . Use other students work to elaborate on your theorys and ideas . Ebooks online articles etc . Use wikipedia only for  finding out short peices of info about artsists , but dont quote it . Newspapers can be useful . Guardians arts column are good references . But dont quote daily or the sun . Bibliography and ref prefered from books and journals and maybe good quality well researched websites etc .

Keep a notebook blog with all your notebooks and research together , note down refs and page and book etc . If you look at an essay for ref then Summarise key points from it .


What is the question actually asking you to do ? Break down its elements and be sure you really understand what the question is asking you ? Map out the general direction the essay will take . Do a spider diagram pointing out ideas theorys and stuff from your research notes etc to then begin to make sense of it . Then think about how many words you need for your essay and plan it out . Find out where your knowledge is lacking and research and be reflective etc . Decide whats working and whats not working . Writing notes all the time as you are researching , this becomes your first draft . Start research and planning now . Introduction should be about 10 % 150-200 words . Give some background and general context to the subject . Open it by saying how war artists communicate meaning etc for question one . Use a statement about the importance or relevance of the subject . Eg oppression stereotypes and its relevance to society etc . Have an overview of the essay as a whole , give examples of theorys and theorists you will be using etc .

Structure Main Body

Main body is 1000 – 2000 words . Might be analysing the artists and their works to make links and comparisons to make valid points .  It makes my essay analytical and strong . What the artist or designer was intending and how the audience can have different opinions and views etc . When you are visually analysing a peice of work you have to have factual or analytical quotes to back up your work . If you have a quote from a theorist/artist you can use it to make points about statements you make and back these up . Do not put everything at once into your paragraphs . Instead each paragraphs should have really clear points . These paragraphs make up the body of your work . Include refs to works to say they did certain things with their work etc . Eg paul nash ref work , painted at home etc . Make your writing have really clearly defined points etc . Structure your argument and structure your essay accordingly to what points you are making .  A crucial artist or point should be included in your main body of work and not your conclusion , The conclusion is for recapping and summarising what you have mentioned in your essay .

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