Feminism In Practice .


My mage on developed on Gender . Feminsim . Domestic Violence .


Feminist theory is a key theory and movement that happened .

Pre 20th century + no women designers  . Poor working class women would be making clothes etc out of nesessity .but could be drawing or painting as a pastime .It was decorative .

Women were not allowed to do this because they were oppressed . They kept Victorian scrapbooks which was a pursuit of educated middle class women and was made by women waiting to be married . Drawing painting collage and writing was only laterfound out by collectors saving them .

The second sex . Key feminist text .

One is not born but becomes a women . Talking about women as an idea created to fit society . Women should conform to certain ideals . Society and our environment has defined what femininity is , or should be .

Proto Feminist art .

Feminism usually associated with the late 1960’s -70’s . Before this feminist practitioners were exploring the key themes which later emerged .

 Feminist artists .

 Claude Cahun,

 Ana Mendita

 Frida Kahlo

Worked in the macho world of painting in the mid 20th century .

In self portraits played up traits that seemed unfeminine yet natural .

Breton described her work as being like a ribbon around a bomb. Very good work with a hard hitting emotional message behind it . Henry ford hospital 1932 . Miscarraige and relationship to her own female body .

 Eva Hesse .

Worked in paint sculpture and mixed media . Used found materials to make large works influenced by industry which was seen as a masculine idea . Working in minimalist and abstract movements which was seen as a male dominated area .

1970’s new media began to emerge ( new genres ) , new areas of practice that were not male dominated are yet to be formed .

 Martha Rosler .

Semiotics of the kitchen .

Thinking about the role of women in a domestic space . Parody and humour . Trying to show the anger and frustration at how she was put in the kitchen to be making food and cooking for her husband .

Our response to this is that she was crazy. Its ok for a man to do it but not a women. Hysterical . Hysterectomy derived from the this idea that women are hysterical  Derived from the female . Lunatic , lunacy , lunar ,the moon etc . Where does language come from and the ideas behind how it is derived and developed from culture etc . Feminism seeks to rectify . Society is set up as paternalistic society . Society is set up in a males ideal way ? Adam was doing pefectly fine until eve came along and ruined it all my biting the apple from the tree of knowledge etc . Eve was made from Adams rib he was just an afterthought . Feminism

Modernity collapsed because the stories that helped us live our lives were found to be false .

Because it didn’t support everybody then everybody didn’t support it . In a democratic society far more voices are being heard e.g black gay etc etc and so on .

 *Joe spence

We are supposed to look at women portrayed in a beautiful way but he portrays them in a more real way which was considered taboo ,  with a more realistic  idea from society . The idea of perfection and imperfection in a women . The female body as a battleground . Feminism acted out . Ideas scopic regime and male gaze all coming to fight on the female battleground . Read The grapes of roth * about the depression of america . Breast fed the man who was dieing . The milk of human kindness . Thinking about the role of the women in a different way .

 Leucian freud .

Painting the body as it actually is . What you see is actually there . No need to be ashamed etc .why is it taboo?

Different scopic regimes .

Laura mulvey

Important feminist theory around the male gaze . Founded in film studios , but no seen as relevant to all disciplines . Mulvey takes about Hitchcock and how he portrays women in his films . Pleasure from watching people , e.g. film was voyeuristic .voyeurism = women are meant to be looked at because those in control of the camera are male .

There isnt a direct stare from the women in the images . Women have to avert their gaze because then it lacks the phsycological charge of the gaze and you can enjoy the image more because she is looking away . Set up in a male way the image of a women . Next time you are photographing think about this idea *The scopic regime . SCOPOPHILIA . Use a mirror think about the reflection and the gaze . It is massively important to us as photographers . * Familial gaze . * Animal gaze.

Marxism Marxist theory to critique ideas . Rich gaze poor gaze etc . Portray in different ways with different ideas . Women are often objectified , as an item of pleasure ,pornography etc .

Cindy Sherman

Performs within her self portraits . Her famous work = Untitled film stills  . She explores different female stereotypes tropes or archetypes . Untitled film still 21 ( research ) .  Turned dressing up for someone else into art . Publicity still shots based on old movies . The girl capital g put in different situations . She directs her own film stills .she has a table with props on to create them . She is her own director .

Hannah wilke

She was always present in her work . Feminine figure adding things t it and thinking about femininity in her own body . She argued with feminist theorists at the time . People said she was using her beauty to draw people into her artwork . This points out that prejudice and prescribed roles came from women as well as men . And can come from feminists as well as men .Marxism and art  beware of fascist feminism 1977 . Intra -venus 1992-1993 . Showing a different vision of femininity , confronting mortality through her own body .

Griselda Pollock

Began publishing in the 1970’s still working today . Text vision and difference 1988 . Lady lilith = female sexuality and how it is repressed at the time .  Recognises that divides of class sex race and sexualiy can divide differences and opinions regarding artwok .

Tracy Emin

Part of the young British art movement . Controversial for making photos of her bed . Reclaiming feminine crafts for ” high art ” . Used quilting patchwork and embroidery to create work . Right ” i do not expect ” 2002 .controversial .

. Hannah Hoch . Louise Borgeouis .

Pussy riot .

Feminist punk band performance artists .campaign for womens rights and freedom of speech in russia . Spent almost 2 years in prison for their public protests . Pussy riot performing at labnoye mesto in red square .

Where are we now .

Men are feminists now also . We should all be feminists . Men are now equally a part of the feminist movement .

Ted Talk Video…

She starts off By saying ” i am no longer apologetic for my Feminicity .  Many men do not  notice gender . Female apes bowed down to male apes . But the point is we are not apes lol ? Gender and class of different forms of oppression . Black man about gender … Why cant you say ” my experience as a human being but the same man said ” my experience as a black man ”  . Bottom power .

Women who use their female traits to get something out of other people . Culture is constantly changing . Culture is about preservation and continuity as a people . Different cultures have different attitudes towards females and Feminicity . E.g females cant take seats at meetings etc . Feminist a person who believes in the social and political economic equality of the sexes . A feminist is  a man or a women who says yes there’s a problem with gender how it is today and we must fix it we must do better ” . Think about differences i feminism between cultures .

We cannot name a lot of female artists from the renaissance . Find a female artist from this period . Mainly lots more male artists were prevalent ?

Feminism is a fight against oppression eg race classes and so on .


How does feminism or lack of those beliefs affect work in your own field . How do these beliefs or lack of them affect the professional environment in your discipline ?


How are women seen in photography . How are they portrayed ?


We have looked at how feminist theory has affected and influenced the practice of artists in the 20th century .

The affects on and in analysing popular culture .

Can look at gender issues and sexuality as well as the feminist debate in my essay .

People live their lives according to the media myth .

 *We can win power by circumventing these ideas and bringing them to the table . This politic and fight for power is ingrained in what we do . Why is words associated with private parts deemed as taboo . Use these ideas to show your work .

Paula Rigo *

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