Feminism ( Essay ideas ) .

Laura Mulvey coined the term ‘Male Gaze’ in 1975. She believes that in film , audiences have to ‘view’ characters from the perspective of a heterosexual male.

Question Do female directors make heterosexually and perspectively male orientated films ?

The Male Gaze

  • The camera lingers on the curves of the female body, and events which occur to women are presented largely in the context of a man’s reaction to these events.
  • Relegates women to the status of objects. The female viewer must experience the narrative secondarily, by identification with the male.

Question Surely a feminist female film director would avoid this problem ? All directors cant be male . Did female directors  subconsciously do this because they had a tendency to instinctually satisfy men and how culture represented  itself in view of the female

The concept of gaze is one that deals with how an audience views the people presented.

  • For feminists it can be thought of in 3 ways:
  • How men look at women,

Answer . Men look at women in a sexual and inferior way for their own pleasure and to do jobs for themselves . To satisfy his needs and bring up his family . Is this ok to do so ? Is this instinct , or was it just an undereducated expression of power ? Does it need changing for the better of society . Will society suffer if it changes ? Females are powerfully inferior physically but does this mean anything in an advanced society where intelligence is key ? Women are just as capable of todays demands as men , therefore equality is the key to progression ? Women need to express themsleves in an equal way because oprression comes in all forms in society , this needs to be stamped out so our children will  have a better future .

  • How women look at themselves .

Answer .   Women looked at themselves in a lesser way due to our society deeming them as so . Females were not allowed to do certain jobs as they were thought of and thought of themselves as not capable of doing them They were subjected to a societys subconscious expression of what they thought as normal , it took the voice of a few special people brave enough to come up with the concept of feminism and start to express it in society for its benefit . Now women look at themsellves  as more equally powerfull (normal?)

  • How women look at other women.

Answer. As competition to gain a desired male .  Do strong women do the same as men do to females but in turn using weaker women as their object of opression ? Is it nessesarily a male female idea or a basic thought pattern . Only the strong survive

 . It is a mode of survival to subjugate the weak for your own benefits ? If everyone is deemed equal who will lead us ? Is it safe to have an idea of equality ? Can we truly have equality in a strong society ?

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