First Critique of Ians short 3 week assignment to show a wide range of cultural diversitys on lancashire , via a large mosaic of portrait shots  , for lancashire magazine . My first shoot was at a mosque in Blackpool and I took the images below .








To develop this assignment i will take more shots like the first one shown in this post . I will use the same apertur of 5.6 and the metz flash to create the same style photograph . This will be my template for all 16 future images . I need to include more races and more cultural diversitys of lancshire eg children , old young , women , girls , boys , sexual orientations , blac , white , polish , etc . I will carry this over to my main assignment in module 404 . I need to get background details to wrie a short article on each person . Interesting people will be my priority and i will include all this and my research in my journal for the module .

All my portraits will be shot at 50 mm prime lens F 5.6 with a metz flashgun held at eye level with the camera to achieve the same effect in each . Before each shot i will take priority in finding a suitable background to enhance the portrait ( Photographers eye ) .

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