Photographic Assignment : Exploring Formal Elements .

We were asked to explore and give examples of formal elements from a list of famous photographers , to show each of the below elements and harvard ref it to a piece of the chosen photographers work .

1 Contrast

2 Line

3 Tone

4 Pattern

5 Positive/negative Space

6 Texture

7 Form

8 Shape

Kertesz of paris and New York  My Little Indians 1948 pg 250

‘The Terminal’ or ‘The Car Horses’ New York 1893 – By Alfred Stieglitz (camera Work )

The Terminal alfredstieglitzjpeg

This image shows great contrast , shape and form  in the foreground with the leading horse and the ticketmaster .

Burro Mesa Chisos Mountains 1947 Ansel Adams

burromesa chiso mountains ansel adams jpg

This image is a great example of repeated pattern for me with the clouds in the sky .

Ice on ellery Lake . The sierra Nevada . 1959 Ansel Adams .


A great example of shape/shapes that the positive/negative contrasting areas make on the lake .

Alfred Stieglitz Camera Work page 20

Lineyardsalfredstieglitz jpg

This work by alfred stieglitz offers us a great example of working with line , the train tracks going from the foreground perspectively into the distance behind the train .

Kertesz Watchmakers Shop 1950 Pge 251 of paris and new york

Kertesz watchmakers shop jpg 1950

This image by kertesz shows great form with the cart underneath the big clock and the shadows it casts to and from the light .

Kertesz . The Fork . 1928 .

texture kertesz fork jpg

A great example of texture form , tone and lighting of a simple everyday object thus becoming a brilliant photographic subject .

Edward Weston pepper no 30 1930


A famous photo of a pepper by edward weston shows great tones from black to white and great form

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