The Original Sin

Dont listen to the devil 2


The original sin !

My work on still life #culture   . #religion   as a construct of #control .The real #sin is the #renege .

6th october i did a developmental shoot on culture regarding religion and its portrayal of adam and eve . How religion is a construct of control to the undereducated masses and lower classes and was meant this way from the very beggining . Religion is very subjugating to females . Religion is a cause of societies female subjugation in our world and has caused exploitation, oppression, and loss of self-determination. The Adam and Eve story we know in the bible is extremely influential and important in mankinds history it sets up the social relationship between men and women from the very beginning ( who were we to question gods word ) . This was Unfortunately  done in such a way  to propagate the notion of female inferiority ( Adam was created FIRST and eve was only created as an AFTERTHOUGHT ) . This secondary creation of Eve corresponds to the terrible treatment of women as a second class sexual object and citizen throughout the ages.

In the image you see a red background which is used as a way to control people via primally subconscious methods ( the lizard brain ) . This is one of the main reasons i included it to express this notion . Red is also used for many other reasons of which numerous ones i thought to be appropriate to my image . I wanted a female hand to be posed as if offering the apple seductively to the viewer , A bite taken from the apple ( the fruit of good and evil ) off the tree of knowledge to highlight the eating of the forbbiden fruit and gaining of insight . But the real truth and evil is the ruling classes renege to the masses to gain control and keep him fat , fed and watered in his castle on the hill , looking down at his minions . The snake ( snake ring on the females hand ) appears in lots of religions and is used to express an evil power . The cherub whos shadow shows his true form of ” The evil behind the whole idea ” is expressed as horns and a tongue through the shadow on the wall . ( i am not sure if this works i may be removing it in a future shoot to go for a more simple look .

I used a softbox and a modelling light from the bowens gemini six kit in the stores against a red background .

#canon    e60d   #tamron  ISO 200 57 mm F25 1/125 SEC

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