Why do Photographs like this excite me ?


What is it about images like this that excite me ? I came upon it whilst finishing Roland barthes camera lucida . Maybe its the fact that i am looking back in time at a dead man , condemned to death . I like the irony of this . I feel a sense of sympathy for him . I get an essence of what he is going through the photo , but i dont have to live the actual moment itself . I have lived his pain but dodged the bullet . The glassy defeated look of hopelessness in his eyes , but deep inside there is still some defiance . I know that look i have felt that feeling myself . I feel a connection , I can relate to it but of a lesser degree . Is this why i like what i see ? It stirs feelings inside of me . Are we drawn to our mirrored self , subconsciously , in reality or a fantasy ?

I can reliably live this moment in all of its truthfullness but at a fraction of its intensity . The more i look the more it stirs my mind along many different paths , and the more it speaks to me from a past time where i have never set foot . Its thoughts like this along with the actual studium which i relate to , that make me excited about what i am witnessing . A photo can take me places in a minute that a thousand words couldnt tell me in an hour .

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