My old toys !

Toy Nostalgia 2

Well after thinking About about other ideas  for nostalgia related images , the film ” Toy Story ” sprung to mind and i thought of how i get a sense of nostalgia when i think of my old toys and games i used to play with when i was younger . I thought i would do an image based around this .

I think when we was children we all liked to think our toys came to life when we slept , as in the film we all loved when we were adults . So  I put my perspective  as if the viewer was another toy coming to life as the lights go dim and looking up at your partner(toy friend ) in toy crime as he leaves the safety of the toybox . To give it a more nostalgic sense i made it look as if done on a wetplate . I balanced the car on the lid to give a sense of cautious precariousness as he is climbing out , when he knows he shouldnt . If the car falls then surely he would wake up his owner .

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