Subliminally Repressed by a fast food takeaway !

Toledano Hope and fear

Denotation on an image by phillip toledano .

I decided to use some of phillip toledanos work which has only been brought to my attention today , but i find him very thought provoking and think he has some amazing images .

Denotation .

In this image we see a person stood upright , i think male , shrouded in what looks like a mac donalds burkha and ridaa , against a greyish toned background . He is wearing this white dress shaped like a burkha and ridaa with the macdonalds yellow logo in a repeated pattern all over its surface . All you can see is his eyes peering out .

Connotation .

I think the interpretive meaning for this image could be both a hope and a fear and mean different things to different people , depending on how you take the subject …or  if you like macdonalds lol. I could think of some people who would hope and desire the mc donalds deity and gladly eat more than their fair share of him daily , without batting an eyelid . As also i could think of viewers who both like and dislike islam .

Maybe its a fear for society gaining a new worthless religion ( A false religion ? The subliminal mistrusting of islam  made farcical ? ) and all that it would bring to future generations , obesity ( sharia ) etc . Maybe it could mean islam is spreading fast and addictively like people who are introduced to their first cheeseburger ?

Maybe society has subconsciously started to worship something they dont realise .  The fact that lots of people rely on this terrible diet to feed themselves daily and follow it religously or could do even more so in the future could be a comparitive suggestion to islam ?

Maybe a future generation could actually believe ronald was a god, after they dig up a thousand year old mc donald sign on mars when the human race has died out long after terraforming its surface lol  They may actually wear these and fight for hundreds of years killing billions of people in the name of a big mac , which probably isnt much different to the reality we have on our hands right now ^^ ( We can make lots of different interpretations  ) .  haha i am proud to be part of the human race .

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