A developmental image for an assignment i am doing on joy and what makes me feel joy  . The following is how i came to the conclusion and eventually shot the image i did . I started thinking what is  joy at its most basic level . Joy is just a chemical  eg serotionin or dopamine . This is the only reason we feel joy . Then i started thinking of more cultural ideas regarding society and how since 1987 people have been prescribed ssris for depression , to help people feel joy and happiness . I then did some research on this and found that more people are now commiting suicide who actually are prescribed prozac than before they were ever released as a prescription medicine . This makes you wonder . maybe prozac was a false promise of joy , a renege , ?  I did this image to try and question all of this and make the viewer think about joy and culture in todays society . Keep in mind it is just a developmental image and still a work in progress .I have lots of other ideas regarding this and to work with in a future shoot .

Joy prozac

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