Descriptive Writing .

This is a descriptive writing on one of my favourite images . I wont post the image but i will put a link to it , so then you can see how close your minds eye view is , from the description i give you , to the actual image .

We have a middle aged mongol man with a weather beaten serious face sitting in the foreground of a barren wilderness with snow capped mountains stretching across the horizon line in the background at the seated mans shoulder height , and immediatly behind him are patches of small ice covered puddles of water strecthing off into the distance but mostly out of view due to the mans presence taking up the majority of the image . The man is sat down with his right leg bent at the knee in a relaxed position with his left arm rested on his left leg at the knee . He is wearing leather clothed brightly coloured frilled boots and a large furry warm looking winter dark grey to black  jacket which has a leather hood , he has the hood up and is looking into the distance slightly to his left with a furrowed concerned brow . Perched on his right arm , on which he is wearing a tough white clothed elbow length glove ,  is a large impressive hunting bird which i think is an eagle . The eagle has its head cocked in a downwards position as if looking at the floor and is wearing a black leather mask obscuring its vision . It has an orange feather plumage attached to its back which is for decoration and not part of the birds real feathers and a leather twisted rope which the mongol man is holding and strapped to the birds feet  . The mongol mans leather fur trimmed hat also has some feather decoration attached to its rear . On his back there is what seems to be a large wooden cane like structure which is attached to a strap around his chest but is mostly out of view as you can only see the top peering over his left shoulder . Finally under the mans jacket is a blue pinstriped shirt and under that is what seems to be a purple silk shirt with a pointed collar .

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