Diana Arbus Nudists .

I chose The Nudists by Diana Arbus to write 200 words on .

Nudist Colony in Front Room Diana Arbus

” You think you’re going to feel a little silly
walking around with nothing on but your
camera. But that part is really sort of fun ” ( Diana Arbus, 1972 , An Aperture Monograph , P 2 )

This quote by Diana arbus makes me wonder if she was also naked whilst taking this shot .

The first thing thats strikes me about this image apart , fromt their obvious lack of clothes , is their smiles while naked and no apparent care for this especially seeing as they are overweight and older  . It makes me think of how people would be more conscious of this nowadays and less likely to be comfortable naked if they looked like this because of all the attention to perfection in the media  . Is this a reflection of society back in their times as being more carefree and less inhibited by how they looked , more comfortable with themsleves , even though they were less likely to get naked as it was more frowned on in society  .  I like the light streaming in from outside it says to me it was a warm sunny day . The picture on the wall also looks like a nudist model which shows to me this couple were probably avid naturists , also the picture on the right of the tv looks like a nude as well which reinforces this idea . I like the old fashioned funiture and 60’s style tv set which tells me about the era in which they lived . I like the way the man is relaxed and sat back in his chair yet the women is sat forward and upright with her hands on her knee , aparently women were less at ease with nudity in these times than men , also that they are wearing their shoes but nothing else ……

And the
women wear earrings, hats, bracelets, watches,
high heels. Sometimes you’ll see someone with
nothing on but a bandaid. ( Diana Arbus, 1972 , An Aperture Monograph , P 2 )

You know it really is totally fantastic that we look like this and you sometimes see that very clearly in a photograph. ( Diana Arbus, 1972 , An Aperture Monograph , P 2 )

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