Contextual Studies .

In contextual studies we were learning about Studium and Punctum from Roland Barthes book camera lucida .

This is my reflection on this lesson .

Studium .

The component parts that the image is made up off , and how we relate to them in our our cultural lifetime experiences . The images meaning may differ from person to person due to this fact , so we may be drawn to different images in different ways via the studium and our general interest in the image .

Punctum .

This is the tiny detail in the image that will strike a chord with the viewer and changes their perspective on it . It makes the viewer go ” wow ” and is a point of interest that draws their eye .

I had an assignment in module 403 to demonstrate shutterspeed and aperture . I decided to add my own random punctum to my 2 second shutter speed image and give it a new perspective or twist whilst helping use and embed my knowledge fom contextual studies and doing the assignment as well . Here is the image .

Man At Pier_

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