Nostalgia .

Over the weekend i decided to work with  one of the six words from our main technical studio session assignment .

I chose”  Nostalgia ” A sentimental longing or wistful affection for a period in the past . I used a small old fashioned victorian dollhouse for the set and played around with the camera angle and lighting to create the ghostly figure in the window longing for times gone by . Below is the image i created :

The Nostalgic ghost_

The studium is the lighting and nostalgic victorian setting of the dollhouse and the punctum would be the ghost looking through the window reminiscing of times gone by . I hope people feel the same feeling as what i had in mind when creating this , it is my first attempt at using the word nostalgia in an image . I will keep thinking and maybe it will improve or progress further . I thought about making the whole room sharp but then i didnt feel i achieved the same feeling and the ghostly figure in the window wasnt as recognisable as a ghost to me . I would appreciate any critique on my image tyvm 🙂

One Comment on “Nostalgia .

  1. Hi ~ I stumbled on your blog while just clicking on tags – and am so happy to have found it — I absolutely love everything about this image– The colors are fantastic and the placement of each element… que bella!! I’m following for sure!

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