I was Thinking About Racial and cultural Issues .

I Do believe that nowadays an Intelligent person cannot be rascist . I myself think that anyform of rascism is an ignorant and terrible thing that should be forced out of our society . I also believe that a lot of rascism is caused by uneducated people who dont undestand or who feel threatened in some way and its not the colour of the skin its the individual person as a personality and for personal gain who causes and spreads the hate and mistrust . Racism comes in all forms and across all colours , social cultures and ways of life in every part of the world rich or poor , Black or white . Its a shame that it is actually a useable word in our media , i think it is dwelled upon far too much and in a perfect world i personally think it should be forgotten about . Easier said than done lol .

Anyway this weekend i was thinking about racial issues whilst out taking pictures and two that i took particularly invoked certain feelings in me with regards to current media and events  , so i thought i would share them on my blog . I realise some people depending on which side of the fence you are sitting , who you are and how you take the image may find them a bit controversial ? I myself would be interested in what people initially think when they view the shot .

This is the first of two images titled ” I am being followed ”

Followed -

The second is titled ” So similiar yet so far apart ” Divided .

So Similair Yet So Far Apart _

They both deal with different aspects of the same problem . The first image wouldnt be as thought provoking if there wasnt focused on by todays problems involving terrorism in the media and racial cultural problems it brings regarding islam and muslims etc . You may not even notice the policeman and relate it how you do to the asian man making a phonecall at the front of the image if these werent prominent issues ?

The second image although it may not necessarily be true in the image , made me think of “RACIAL DISTRUST” a lot of people do let racial distrust affect there lives wether purposefully or not . I was speaking to a man just a couple of weeks ago and have heard a few people in passing talk about the same issues . He was saying how he doesnt trust his asian ( muslim ) doctor and always thinks he doesnt listen to him or put his prioritys first . Maybe even verging on paranoia as he is getting to the point where he doesnt want to see an asian doctor ?

We are all human and all the same . Dont let Skin colour which is a genetic difference in our skin brought about by the environment to cope and survive better with certain aspects in different parts of the world be responsible for such hate and ignorance . Why do people let this simple idea of colour divide them so much . Its a ridiculous concept to me which i hope and believe that all future generations are and will come to share the same opinion and we will win this important battle .

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