Studium and Punctum

Today we had our contextual studies lesson and in was mentioned Studium and Punctum . I am extremely excited about coming up with some great ideas for punctums in my future shots

Anyway , i will try and reflect on the lesson and do a short write up on what these two ideas are .

1. Studium .

This is the overall sense of what the image is about . It is what draws your attention in the image e.g. the lighting , aesthetics , composition , positive / negative areas , form etc and so on .

2 . The Punctum

This is the idea of the image which made you want to take the shot , and causes the viewer to see the photo in a different way . It is the eye catching tiny detail that stands out in the picture .

So i have set my self 2 tasks :

1 . Of doing some new images , and to add a random punctum and a purposeful punctum .  Then i will compare and contrast ideas beteen the two , to see what i come up with and how its affects each image .

2 . I will look at friends or famous peoples images , then critique them and spot the punctum in each .

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