Our first critical studies lecture mentioned semiotics so i thought it would be wise to do a bit of research . I will do a short write up now and maybe add to it at a later date . I know that semiotics is the study of signs but i started thinking that surely there is a lot more to it than that .

Semiotics is a field of study of anything that is concerned with everything taken as a sign , words , images , sounds , gestures and objects . The philosophical theory of signs and symbols .

It is used in many different mediums like television , magazines , advertisements , radio , newspapers , books , photographs etc .

I have been trying to think of some signs that i know , but havent previously paid attention to , that would give me an insight into a persons way of life or hint at something that would be advantageous to me on a daily basis . e.g . when i was a child i would instinctively know by the way certain sounds sounded or by the weight or timing between footsteps who was coming up the stairs and by recognising these patterns you adjust your reaction accordingly . Is this a sign so therefore an example of semiotics ? I think so , but i have never previously thought it as such .

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