Diana Arbus .

1 . Diana Arbus 1923 – 1971 Suicide .

Diana Arbus one of my Favourite Photographers , worked a successful career in fashion with her husband . She started to pursue her own line of photography in the late 1950s where she would visit parks , seedy areas , morgues and graveyards to photograph people and going to great lengths to get the shots she required . Diane Arbus is a photographer best known for her photographs of marginalized people in society — including transgender people, dwarfs, nudists and circus people.

Key Works for me : The grenade Kid . The Twins . Tattoed man at a carnival .

My favourite work . The grenade kid . 

The grenade kid

  As soon as I saw this shot by Diana Arbus it became my personal favourite . I love the fact that it’s a young child holding a hand grenade ( I like the way the other hand is clawed as it really gives the image even more appropriate feeling ) with a psychotic and crazed expression and the photo was taken in 1962 when the world was on the brink of nuclear destruction with the Cuban missile crisis ( Coincidence ? Probably . Or subconscious reflection ? ) . I also like the image because I personally think different aspects of our own personality , lives and environment show up in each persons work wether they realise it or not .

  This photo gives the viewer a totally different perspective as to what was really going on when she took the photo . When in reality she was just annoying the hell out of him trying to get a better angle for the shot ( or was she ? ) . Purposeful or not , we can never know what was going through her mind , although I would love to .

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