Thinking and Making . Worksheet one .Practice in context .

I have to make a list of at least 5 creative artists related to my area of study , but not confined to .
I was thinking of well known nature photography influences like Andy Rouse , jim Brandenburg ( white wolves ) , and famous street photographers like Bruce Gilden , Henri Cartier Bresson and Diana Arbus .
I have not fully made my mind up yet but i am sure this wont be far off my final list . I am also going to throw in a painter who i think is an influence on my work and others , maybe Matisse or Picasso . We have to include three key works for each artist and then write a 150 word essay on our favourite peice of work from each artist, saying what it is that i enjoy and find appealing . I am really looking forward to this . So i think its time to get my thinking cap on and and give it my best shot . Does anyone else have any great artist they feel would definately be worth a mention if it was their list  ?

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