Look into my eyes ! …and choose the light .

.....and choose the light !

…..and choose the light !

I was out looking for southern hawkers a few days ago and i got this image which i liked quite a lot . I like how it transitions from dark to light in the photo . As i was thinking about it it made me realise how there is a lot of bad things going on in the world at the moment which we are in the process of trying to solve  e.g famine war disease etc . its like a big ongoing battle and fight for good against evil , i believe we should always choose good and try our best to help and love one another as best as we can 🙂 . Its a common rule that should be so easy to achieve yet it turns out to be very complicated with all the other aspects of life that come into play as we make our decisions about what is best for ourselves in our minds . So this is what gave me the idea fo this shot . Maybe this tiny darter can help people choose the right path ? 

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