A Brave robin Brings exciting news :)

The Brave Robin !

The Brave Robin !

Well yesterday we went to visit the crook o’ lune in lancaster looking for kingfishers and i actually got to see and photograph one for the first time ever 🙂 which is my next blog post lol but for this one i will tell you about how we met this brave robin 🙂 . I have seen and photographed many robins but this one was by far the best as it was so friendly it came right up to us and sat by my feet lol . So imanaged to get some good close up shots , one of which i have posted . I decided to add it to my social network pages and put it on twitter . I am glad i did because it was favourited by bbc nature and got mentioned by Bill Oddie who is a great man and enjoys birds as i do . 

It is amazing how you can go out and do different things everyday and never know what is going to happen , its small moments like these that i enjoy and make it all worthwhile and me happy to get out and do what i enjoy on a daily basis .

I Hope you like it too 🙂

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